6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Presentation guidelines

In five parallel sessions more than 70 studies will be presented. On this page you will find more information to prepare your presentations. We ask you to use these guidelines in your preparation, since time is limited, and we want to give everybody a chance to present.

Timing of a session
Each session will have the same format: In each parallel session there will be four presentations in 90 minutes. Each presentation gets 22,5 minutes:

  • 15 minutes for the presentation of the project or paper
  • 7,5 minutes for a discussion of the presentation

With this format, we want to make sure that each paper is discussed individually and thoroughly directly after it is presented. Make sure that you are present in the room 10 minutes before your session starts.

Session presenters
A laptop and projector will be present in each room. For the presentation, please use PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX), PDF or similar, and copy your presentation to USB memory stick for the upload prior (!) to your session. Changing laptops between single presentations might take time that could be better used for discussions.

Session chair
Please note that the last presenter is also the chair of the session. The session chair is responsible for time keeping.

If one of the presentations in a session is canceled, please stick to the schedule and time allotted for each presentation.