6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Public event

The 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy will be kicked off with a public event titled “Towards an inclusive platform economy”.

When: Thursday June 27, doors open at 19:30, program from 20:00 – 22:00
Where: TivoliVredenburg, Cloud Nine

More information can be found on the website of TivoliVredenburg. Please note that the public event is included in the registration fee for the workshop. You do not need to buy a ticket via TivoliVredenburg if you have registered for the 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy. Get your free ticket at the ticket booth. They have a registration list the names of with all IWSE attendees. 

Towards an Inclusive Platform Economy 

The platform economy is growing. More and more processes in our society are organized through platforms. We share houses and cars through Airbnb and SnappCar, and young people get their first jobs through platforms such as Deliveroo and Helpling. How can we benefit from this increasing dependence on these platforms, while at the same time minimizing the negative sides? This is the central question on the 27th of June.

Peter Baeck, head of the British innovation think tank Nesta, will discuss the rise of the platform economy in his keynote speech. What exactly does this term entail, how will this novel economy develop and how will it retain its inclusivity? University professor José van Dijck pioneered research on social media and is author of several books, including ‘The Platform Society’.

We hear stories from practice in various conversations. Sara Green Broderson tells us about the Danish reputation platform Deemly, which helps platform workers transfer their reputation from one platform to the next, in order to prevent dependence on a single platform. Lisa Hemph and Nils Ahlsten, from the Swedish Public Employment Service, then share their experiences with regard to an ongoing experiment that helps people who experience difficulties on the labor market in strengthening their resume by transforming built-up online reputation into an offline resume.

About the speakers

Peter Baeck leads Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design. He is responsible for a number of large scale research projects and experiments that explore how human and machine intelligence can be combined to solve social challenges focusing on areas such as labor markets, health care and digital democracy. His work also covers the role of digital technologies in public and social innovation, crowdfunding, smart cities, the collaborative economy and public innovation labs.

José van Dijck is professor in media and digital society at Utrecht University. From 2015 until 2018, she was president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. During this period, Van Dijck was also visiting professor at different universities in the United States, Canada, and Australia. She co-authored the book ‘The Platform Society’ and also wrote ‘The Culture of Connectivity. A Critical History of Social Media’, one of the first critical historic literary works on social media.

Sara Green Brodersen is the Founder of Deemly, a technology startup aimed at breaking down trust barriers for users in the sharing economy. Sara enjoys sharing her passion about all things connected to trust in online communities and has quickly gained attention from industry leaders and sharing economy visionaries alike.

Lisa Hemph and Nils Ahlsten are team members of JobTech, which is part of Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service. They are aiming for better matching between employers and job seekers by creating easier development. JobTech dev does this by providing an open source infrastructure, API’s and open data for the creations of different job market applications. JobTech dev is currently investing in four strategic areas to build a minimum viable infrastructure: Jobs, My data, Search and Taxonomy.

Ronald van den Hoff is co-founder of Seats2meet.com. His company, with over 150 locations worldwide, has become an interactive breeding ground for entrepreneurship, inspiration, innovation, cross-linking and cross-pollination. Ronald is also author of the book Society 3.0 and founder of the Society 3.0 Foundation.